Support for Independent and Parochial Schools

Facing History has a long tradition of working with independent and parochial  schools across the country, with over 1,500 independent schools in its global network. These schools incorporate Facing History’s content and pedagogy into school life in myriad ways and curriculum areas, including history, social studies, humanities, English language arts, ethics, human development, global citizenship, genetics, theology and religion.

Implementation Models for Independent Schools

Facing History can provide a flexible curriculum sequence.

Many schools have created multiple opportunities for students to grapple with history, literature, ethics, and civics in a deep, engaging way throughout their school career. Facing History content and pedagogy might be used in a middle school at grades 7 and 8, or in multiple grades and courses in a high school. These schools adapt Facing History’s flexible resources to create rigorous offerings that develop students’ inquiry, analysis, interpretation, empathic connection, judgment, critical thinking, literacy, and argumentative writing skills.

Facing History content and pedagogy can be infused.

In some schools, Facing History’s approach offers an overarching framework for curriculum development, advisory, school-wide programming, and whole-staff engagement. This fosters school communities that take issues of ethics, social responsibility, prejudice, and justice seriously.

Facing History can be taught school-wide at a particular grade.

Some schools place Facing History as a capstone experience for students in middle or high school, and others see the curricular units or courses as an entry point into their school, providing a foundation for thought and action.

Facing History can help realize the school’s mission.

Independent and parochial schools that work toward a mission of service, moral education, social responsibility, and academic excellence find that Facing History exposes students to rich content that resonates with adolescent development and the choices they are facing. Many schools find that deep work with Facing History content and instructional strategies is key to positive classroom and school culture, as students learn how to have difficult conversations in classrooms that are safe and respectful.

“Of all the professional development I've ever done this was the most inspirational, the most meaningful, the thing that really changed how I saw teaching and how I saw the world.”

—Susan Levitan, ELA teacher, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, OH

Catholic Education Program

Facing History supports Catholic school educators in promoting academic excellence and integrating Catholic social values into the curriculum through its Catholic Education Program, providing specialized professional development services for Catholic school educators for over a decade.

Integrating Facing History themes and resources into humanities and other classes supports reflection on the principles and values at the core of Catholic social teaching, such as human dignity, community and the common good, rights and responsibilities, reconciliation, the promotion of peace, and participation in society.

Facing History’s resources and pedagogy also support Catholic school educators and schools in aligning their teaching with the recently released National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools and with the Common Core State Standards, a national movement to promote rigorous curriculum standards that prepare students for college and career success.

“I think the intellectual information that we have learned here is deeply intertwined with faith formation. Facing History has shown us the human elements of the Holocaust. That is deeply connected with moral values…life is about choices. We are trying to show our students that they can and should make a choice for the betterment of society.”

—Catholic educator

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