Catholic Education

Catholic schools play an important role in the educational landscape. Facing History supports Catholic school educators in promoting academic excellence and integrating Catholic social values into the curriculum through its Catholic Education Program, providing specialized professional development services for Catholic school educators for over 13 years.

Integrating Facing History themes and resources into humanities and other classes supports reflection on the principles and values at the core of Catholic social teaching, such as human dignity, community and the common good, rights and responsibilities, reconciliation, the promotion of peace, and participation in society.

Facing History’s resources and pedagogy also support Catholic school educators and schools in aligning their teaching with the recently released National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools and with the Common Core State Standards, a national movement to promote rigorous curriculum standards that prepare students for college and career success.

Demonstrated Impact

Seminar evaluations by teachers who participated in our professional development services for Catholic school educators confirm the positive impact of our program. One teacher reported:

“I think the intellectual information that we have learned here is deeply intertwined with faith formation. Facing History has shown us the human elements of the Holocaust. That is deeply connected with moral values…life is about choices. We are trying to show our students that they can and should make a choice for the betterment of society.”

Facing History’s impact extends beyond the classroom. The principal of Saint Mary of the Assumption School in Brookline states that numerous students’ life choices have been influenced by their experience studying Facing History. “Not only does Facing History help create a strong school community, it also promotes the development of stronger citizens.” 

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