Journalism in a Digital Age

> How do you tell a story that gets people to care about an issue?

> How can words and images be used to inspire people to take action to help others?

> How can new media be used as a tool for civic participation and social action?

These are some of the questions journalists consider every day. And they do so during a time in history when there is an unprecedented surge of new digital tools for mass communication available to them. New media creates opportunities and challenges for journalists and this website helps students explore these questions and issues by examining the film, Reporter.

From left to right, foreground: photographer and teacher Will Okun, medical student Leana Wen, New York Times columnist Nick Kristof, and filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar

The "Journalism in a Digital Age" section of this website includes resources that deepen our exploration of ideas and questions raised in this film, such as a pre-viewing guide, relevant editorials written by Nicholas Kristof, and additional supplemental readings organized by the following themes:

Investigation One: "Why Don't People Act?: Confronting Psychic Numbing"

Investigation Two: "Should Reporters Advocate?: Exploring the Role of Journalists"

Investigation Three: "What Do We Learn from the News?: How Reporters' Choices Shape Our Understanding of the World"

Investigation Four: "What Can We Do to Help?: Education and Action"