Introduce Schindler's List to a New Generation

The 1993 release of Schindler’s List, the Academy Award–winning film directed by Steven Spielberg, was a watershed in public consciousness of the Holocaust. Twenty-five years later, why is it important to continue sharing this film with a new generation of students?

The true stories of the magnitude and tragedy of the Holocaust are ones that must never be forgotten, and the film’s lessons about the critical importance of countering hatred continue to reverberate today.

—Steven Spielberg, discussing the re-release of the film

Schindler’s List provides a unique opportunity to draw lessons from the past that help students think about their own choices. Our unit Teaching Schindler’s List is designed to help teachers make the most of that opportunity by fostering reflection and discussion about both the film and contemporary connections to this history.

Through eight lessons, we provide:

  • Teaching strategies for preparing your students to view the film
  • Materials to set historical context, including an interactive timeline
  • New video clips of Holocaust survivor Rena Finder describing Oskar Schindler's impact on her own life
  • Logistical tips for screening the film
  • Post-viewing activites that connect the history of the Holocaust to events in the world today

In addition to Teaching Schindler's List, Facing History and Ourselves has a robust resource library of lessons, readings, and videos for teaching about the broad spectrum of human behavior found when studying the Holocaust as well as a variety of professional learning opportunities to help connect our materials to your planned curriculum. 

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Teaching Schindler's List builds on our original 1994 resource and adds the latest Holocaust scholarship, multimedia resources, and connections to current issues.

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