Teaching Resources for the 2020 US Election

Facing History's US election-season resources were designed and curated to help students think critically about the role of elections, voting, and civic participation in creating and sustaining a just and healthy democracy. 


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These resources will help you and your students:

  • reflect on a historic election,
  • examine the historical struggle for voting rights and the importance of ensuring that today's elections are free and fair,
  • consider the factors that shape our political decision making and the role of media literacy, and
  • explore the many ways that young people, both current and future voters, make their voices heard and choose to participate.

Our election resources include:

Teaching Ideas to explore election news and related history and Explainers to introduce key terms and concepts. These resources and activities can be used for all or part of a class period.

Classroom routines and guides geared towards community-building and fostering inclusive, constructive discourse among your students in both remote and in-person settings.

Online professional development, including webinars and workshops focused on teaching during an election year and how to build connections between history, curriculum, and students' everyday lives.

Professional Development



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    Teaching for Civic Agency

    Find details on payment options, help with costs, and refunds for Facing History professional development.

    The workshop consists of 4 sychronous sessions + offline work: 
    Thursday, January 14
    Thursday, January 21
    Thursday, February 4
    Thursday, February 11

    All sessions take place on Zoom. 

    Democracy in Action: Teaching for Civic Agency Workshop Series

    What are the knowledge, skills and dispositions that young people need to create a more just, inclusive and equitable world? Join us for an in-depth, interactive online professional development series exploring the pivotal role of youth in civic engagement. Participants will explore concepts and frameworks for teaching civic agency in student-centered classrooms that value student identities and model democratic principles of inclusion, civility and the common good. This workshop is intended for educators in California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Washington.

    January 7, 2021 - February 11, 2021
    3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
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