The Times of Harvey Milk


88 minutes

The first openly gay person elected to political office in California, San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk was assassinated in November 1978, along with Mayor George Moscone, by former City Supervisor Dan White.  White was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served a brief jail term, sparking a demonstration and riot by gay supporters of the murdered men. Using interviews, news coverage, and personal film, the film captures the political and social landscape of the times.

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Identification Photograph of Wong Kim Ark

Wong Kim Ark, a Chinese American who was born in the United States to Chinese immigrants, filed this identification photograph with the Immigration Service in San Francisco, prior to taking a trip to China. However, on his return to America, he was denied re-entry by the San Francisco Collector of Customs on the grounds that he was not a citizen, despite being born in the United States.

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