Stories of Identity: Religion, Migration, and Belonging in a Changing World

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Stories of Identity reflects on the way that migration affects personal identity and offers educators and students resources to examine this migration through methods of storytelling.

It shares the experiences of immigrants in America and Europe from the individual to the collective through memoirs, journalistic accounts, and interviews. The book uses stories about family and upbringing, faith and doubt, religion, school and community, history and scholarship, interviews with young people and meditations from novelists and authors, including author Jumpa Lahiri (The Namesake), Ed Husain (The Islamist), Eboo Patel (Founder of the Interfaith Youth Core), and many more. These experiences reflect a recent and global phenomenon where identity and citizenship are challenged by the greater blurring of national boundaries.

Exploring the stories of young migrants and their changing communities, Stories asks readers to reflect on the fluidity of identity. 

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