Complicity, Collaboration, and Resistance: France under the Nazi Occupation

Complicity, Collaboration, and Resistance: France under the Nazi Occupation

Complicity, Collaboration, and Resistance provides an intimate portrait of France under the Nazi occupation. In this ebook, readers will encounter diaries, letters, and memoirs—some translated into English for the first time—from political and religious leaders, intellectuals, immigrants and citizens, Jews and non-Jews, resisters, and collaborators.

By including the voices of ordinary people, Complicity, Collaboration, and Resistance invites readers to move beyond a simple appraisal of France’s relationship to the Holocaust. Instead, the rich testimonies of life, framed by Columbia University professor Clémence Boulouque’s historical commentary, highlight the complexities of daily decision-making faced by those living under the Vichy Regime. Readers new to this period in French history, as well as those already familiar with it, will value the opportunity to reflect on the history and the questions it raises about guilt, responsibility, courage, and compassion.

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