All Community Read 2023-24: They Called Us Enemy

All Community Read

Experience the power of shared reading alongside educators, students, and community members through our annual All Community Read. 

About the Author

George Takei is a Japanese American actor, New York Times bestselling author, social justice activist, and survivor of US-run World War II internment camps.

Read Along With Us

Literature has the power to nurture our capacity for empathy and to strengthen our communities. Our All Community Read events harness this power and bring together people from across our network — educators, students, staff, and supporters — to build shared understanding, create a shared experience, and open up conversations that connect to our mission and work.

They Called Us Enemy

For the 2023-2024 school year, we have selected George Takei’s memoir, They Called Us Enemy, as the text for our All Community Read. Throughout the year we will be hosting a series of events and sharing resources, including a discussion guide, to support bringing Takei’s story into classrooms. 

They Called Us Enemy

They Called Us Enemy

This graphic memoir from actor, author, and activist George Takei recounts his childhood incarcerated in Japanese American internment camps during World War II.
Check availability for digital copies of the book.

It seems important for a nation to know about its glorious achievements, but also to know where its ideals failed in order to keep that from happening again.
— George Takei

Learning for Everyone

We will be offering professional learning events for educators and special virtual discussions for students, supporters, and members of our learning community throughout the year to support this All Community Read, including an online author event with George Takei on February 13, 2024. Register now.

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Teaching George Takei’s They Called Us Enemy and Japanese American Incarceration

Watch our on-demand webinar for engaging conversation around George Takei’s memoir and gain strategies for how to use it in your classroom.

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