Beginning a New School Year in New England

August 31, 2016

Dear Friends:

As the school year begins for teachers, administrators, students, and parents, we wanted to take a moment and welcome you into the new school year.

We realize that the classroom is not immune to current events and many students have questions about how to interpret the world around them. Facing History is proud to be a partner with schools to help teachers guide these conversations. Our tools have become a valuable resource for educators and community leaders who are committed to empowering students to become informed, engaged, and active citizens in our democracy.

There are countless ways for you to stay engaged with us so you can have the best school year ahead. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our blog, Facing Today. Facing Today brings together an international community of mindful and creative educators, students, and thought leaders who are exploring topics and issues at the heart of our work.

We also offer professional development opportunities all year long that include challenging ways for you to refresh your teaching toolbox and gain new perspective with your peers. For instance, over the summer we launched our new resource, Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age, which received an overwhelming response from educators. We explored the difficult questions of race and the media in the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown. The conversations were difficult yet rich and provided the chance for educators to engage in these conversations with each other so we can navigate this sometimes uncomfortable territory with our students in the year ahead. After a difficult summer of violence, we know students will have questions. One teacher at the seminar put it best: “What are the moral implications of not teaching this?”

Be on the lookout for other professional development courses in the months ahead and be sure to check out the list below of exciting new initiatives planned for this year. We hope you’ll become part of our learning community.

Students need our guidance more than ever in today’s world. Facing History can be there alongside you with our tools, teaching strategies, and powerful resources to help you address this urgency and give you renewed hope for our work in classrooms, schools, and our communities.

We hope you take time to read, reflect, and participate with us this coming school year. We’re looking forward to another year of learning with you.


Fran Colletti
Program Director, New England
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