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Our Denver/Rocky Mountain States service center provides professional development resources to more than 2,452 area educators in 320 public, religious, and independent schools.

Facing History and Ourselves has been building a presence in Denver since 1991. We provide more than 2,452 area educators with programs and resources. These teachers reach over 155,500 middle and high school students each year, in 320 public, religious, and independent schools throughout the region.


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United States

Denver Office to Transition to Service Center Model

Please be aware that the Denver office is transitioning to a service center model after June 30, 2016. Senior Program Associate Heather Frazier will continue her work with educators in and around Denver, while the other members of the Denver staff will transition to new opportunities on or before June 30. This page will be updated with a P.O. Box and other contact information for the Denver Service Center in late June when the current office at the Posner Center for International Development closes. With ongoing support from Facing History headquarters, we are confident that this model will enable us to maintain our presence in Denver-area schools.

We will continue our core work of supporting the teachers in our network and will continue to offer workshops and seminars. In fact, Facing History will be releasing a much-anticipated set of resources on teaching the Holocaust next fall that Heather will be sharing with teachers. And we are excited to continue our partnership with Denver Public Schools, where over 6,000 students will receive Facing History units on civil rights and the Reconstruction Era beginning next year.

We believe as strongly today as ever in the power of the Facing History approach and resources to transform classrooms. The shape of our office will be changing, but not our commitment to this work.



Jackson Westenskow of High Point Academy - Aurora, CO

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