Using Bully in the Classroom

Address issues of ostracism, bullying, and upstander behavior using the movie, "Bully."

With intimate glimpses into homes, classrooms, cafeterias, and principals' offices, the film Bully follows five stories of children and families who are affected deeply by bullying within the course of a school year. This accompanying guide to the film provides teachers with the tools to create a space for discussing the effects of bullying, improving school climate, and fostering a reflective learning community. Explore too how young people and adults can stand up to this kind of behavior and learn how to prevent it.

Watch. Using excerpts from the film, BULLY, we will explore important issues around creating safe schools and how you can use the excerpts to foster productive dialogue around these issues. 

Explore. Facing History and Ourselves provides a wealth of resources to help students and teachers explore the moral choices we face when confronted with bullying. 

Connect.  Why address bullying by studying history? Sometimes the best way to learn to think about the present is by way of a detour through the past. Learn how Facing History's approach to bullying can fit with your school.

See How a School Used "Bully" to Create a Positive School Culture



A Guide to the Film BULLY: Fostering Empathy and Action in Schools

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Use the research, testimony, and discussion ideas in this guide to foster honest and informed classroom dialogue about the issues raised in the documentary film Bully.

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