Statistics From the Civil War

Statistics From the War 1


Number or Ratio Description
750,000 Total number of deaths from the Civil War2
504 Deaths per day during the Civil War
2.5 Approximate percentage of the American population that died during the Civil War
7,000,000 Number of Americans lost if 2.5% of the American population died in a war today
7,014 Number of American soldiers who died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (as of 11/13/19)3
2,100,000 Number of Northerners mobilized to fight for the Union army
880,000 Number of Southerners mobilized to fight for the Confederacy
40+ Estimated percentage of Civil War dead who were never identified
66 Estimated percentage of dead African American Union soldiers who were never identified
2 out of 3 Number of Civil War deaths that occurred from disease rather than battle
68,162 Number of inquiries answered by the Missing Soldiers Office from 1865-1868
4,000,000 Number of enslaved persons in the United States in 1860
180,000 Number of African American soldiers that served in the Civil War
1 in 5 Average death rate for all Civil War soldiers
3:1 Ratio of Confederate deaths to Union deaths
9:1 Ratio of African American Civil War troops who died of disease to those that died on the battlefield, largely due to discriminatory medical care
100,000+ Number of Civil War Union corpses found in the South through a federal reinterment program from 1866-1869
303,356 Number of Union soldiers who were reinterred in 74 congressionally mandated national cemeteries by 1871
0 Number of Confederate soldiers buried in those national cemeteries


  • 1 : Except where noted, figures adapted from "The Civil War by the Numbers," American Experience: Death and the Civil War companion website (accessed April 25, 2013).
  • 2 : Guy Gugliotta, "New Estimate Raises Civil War Death Toll," New York Times, April 3, 2012, New York Times.
  • 3 : Iraq and Afghanistan statistics from CNN.

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