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Facing History’s content and methods have been proven to significantly increase engagement, empathy, critical thinking skills, and civic responsibility among young people.

Our approach is evidence-based: forty years of studies demonstrate how we impact students, teachers, and whole schools. With your help, we can reach even more young people, educators and schools across the globe.

Randomized controlled trials have proven that Facing History transforms students, teachers, classrooms, and schools.

Students gain critical thinking skills, empathy and tolerance, civic responsibility, and the belief they can make a difference in the world.

Teachers are more confident and skilled at fostering students’ academic, civic, and social and emotional learning.

Classrooms and schools are more respectful, reflective, and participatory – necessary conditions for deep learning.

Top Honors from CASEL for Proven Positive Effect On Students

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) named FH as one of only nine middle or high school SEL programs (among nearly 400 nominated) in the US that has a proven positive impact on students, such as increased empathy or more prosocial behavior. Among these few middle and high school programs which CASEL endorses in their guide, Facing History is just one of two which work at both the middle and high school level.

Facing History students are 94% more likely than other students to report that their class motivated them to learn.

92% of Facing History teachers agree that Facing History helps their students stand up for what they believe even when others disagree.

91% of elective teachers agree or strongly agree that their Facing History course promoted their students’ abilities to ground reading, writing, and speaking in evidence from text.

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Facing History partners with schools in 134 countries.


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