We are Facing History: Personal Stories, Identities, and our Connected Past | Facing History & Ourselves
Portrait of Dr. Tiya Miles and Nicka Sewal-Smith.
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We are Facing History: Personal Stories, Identities, and our Connected Past

A conversation with Dr. Tiya Miles & Nicka Sewell-Smith exploring how personal histories inform individual and collective identities. Presented in partnership with Ancestry®.



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Historian and author Dr. Tiya Miles and Senior Story Producer at Ancestry, Nicka Sewell-Smith, discuss how our personal histories inform our identities and perception of the world, and the systemic barriers which deny many Americans the opportunity to engage with their own histories. 

Learn how, by addressing these barriers and investing in the personal histories missing from our shared narrative, we can build a stronger understanding of our connected past.

This event was presented in partnership with Ancestry®.

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Tiya Miles

Michael Garvey Professor of History, Radcliffe Alumnae Professor, and director of the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University

Portrait of Dr. Tiya Miles

Nicka Sewell-Smith

Senior Story Producer, Ancestry

Portrait of Nicka Sewell-Smith.

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