Jewish Partisan Resistance in WWII: Countering Antisemitism Through Education | Facing History & Ourselves
Russian partisans, one of them photographer Faye Schulman, gathering together in the forest, Naliboki Forest, Belarus, December 1944. The Molotava Brigade was a partisan group made up mostly of escaped Soviet Army POWs. The woman pictured is Faye Schulman, a Jewish woman who fled into the Naliboki forest with her camera equipment and joined the Molotova Brigade. For two years in the forest she photographed the partisan's activities, worked as medical aid and participated in the partisans raid's.
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Jewish Partisan Resistance in WWII: Countering Antisemitism Through Education

Explore teaching resources about Jewish partisans and resistance during the Holocaust with the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation and Facing History

April 25, 2024 | 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm PDT


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Key Points

  1. Explore historical stories of resistance through the lens of Jewish partisans during WWII

  2. Define the concepts of empathy and resistance and their crucial role in countering antisemitism 

  3. Access new curriculum - Foundations of Resistance - produced by the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation

  4. Utilize Facing History strategies and approaches to teaching emotionally challenging historical content

During the Holocaust, approximately 30,000 Jews joined or formed armed resistance groups as a last resort to survive. Many were ordinary teenagers forced to hide in the forests and mountains. These Jewish partisans joined hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish partisans and fought against the Nazis and their collaborators throughout much of Europe and the Soviet Union, helping to turn the tide of the war.

In this webinar, join the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation and Facing History to learn about the Jewish partisans during WWII. Utilizing this extraordinary history, the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) has produced Foundations of Resistance, a new curriculum for grades 6-12 that features interactive webquests that teach students to act with informed empathy and recognize and call out antisemitism. Facing History will share various teaching strategies to help students process emotionally challenging historical content in a reflective student-centered classroom. This event will not be recorded.

This virtual workshop is a project of the California Teachers Collaborative for Holocaust and Genocide Education, established by the JFCS Holocaust Center with support from a grant from the Marin County Office of Education and the State of California.

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