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A person stands with a sign that reads "No Tolerance for Anti-Semitism."
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Facing Hate: A Modern Challenge for an Ancient Hatred

During this webinar Dr. Rachel Fish and  Yair Rosenberg discuss contemporary antisemitism, and how to help students recognize antisemitism.



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Like other forms of race-based hatred, antisemitism is, in part, an ideology - a smog - that can be weaponized to a variety of ends. As such, antisemitism persists across the political spectrum, across national borders and even across age, education levels and other demographic markers. What do we need to understand in order to confront contemporary antisemitism as an ever present ideology that retains its utility in the modern era? More importantly, what do we need to unlearn in order to help our students recognize and confront contemporary antisemitism effectively?

During this webinar, Facing History & Ourselves' Daniel Braunfeld discusses contemporary antisemitism with scholar Dr. Rachel Fish, and writer Yair Rosenberg.

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