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Thousands of people participate in No Hate, No Fear Jewish Solidarity March in response to anti-semitic attacks in and around city across Brooklyn Bridge
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Facing Hate: A Global Conspiracy with Local Manifestations

Conspiracy theories provide simple and misleading explanations for complex human dilemmas. We must learn to recognize the antisemitism that fuels some of today’s most destructive conspiracy theories so we can help our students stand up against these pervasive and dangerous messages.



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How can we help students recognize the antisemitism that fuels some of today’s most destructive conspiracy theories?  Ranging in accusations that Jews cause plagues, maintain global control of governments and finance, and participate in ritual murder, ideas about “the Jew” have been crafted into conspiracies for over a thousand years and continue to carry weight - even in places where there are no Jews.  What tools do students need in order to recognize these narratives and process them through a critical and ethical lens? How can we help students develop their voice to combat this insidious form of hate?

During the webinar we explored the history and impacts of antisemitic conspiracy theories, unpacked the global and domestic manifestations of antisemitism, and discussed methods to help young people process ideas with a critical and ethical lens.

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