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Brave Classrooms: Confronting Bigotry and Hatred

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About this event:

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Our multi-session professional learning series are designed for in-depth exploration of themes and topics that help educators strengthen their skills and competencies. Session information is included in the event details.

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This professional learning event will be led by Facing History staff. When you register, you will receive instructions for how to attend the event.

This event qualifies for Certificate of Completion.

Awarded upon successful completion of the course for 12 professional development hours. Requirements for professional development hours vary by state. It is the educator's responsibility to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of their state.

If you are an educator based in New York, after taking this course you are eligible for 12 CTLE hours. If you are an educator based in Illinois, after taking this course, you are eligible for up to 12 clock hours. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

History Social Studies
Antisemitism Culture & Identity
Civic Education Equity Education

This online mini-course is part of our Brave Classrooms Mini-Course series, designed to give educators the tools and support to help them discuss contemporary antisemitism in their middle and high school classroom settings. During this course we will take a closer look at specific contemporary manifestations of antisemitism and the impact it has on our students, our communities, and Democracy today. This mini-course includes both self-guided work and live Zoom sessions. View the full schedule below.

Like other forms of race-based hatred, antisemitism is, in part, an ideology that can be weaponized to a variety of ends. It persists across the political spectrum, national borders, age, education levels, and other demographic markers. As Phyllis Goldstein wrote in A Convenient Hatred, "Like other hatred, antisemitism is almost always a current event—one that is triggered by the fears and anxieties of the moment."

Educators will learn to lead classroom discussions on the importance of recognizing and addressing the current forms of this “convenient” hatred. Among the topics we will explore together: the online presence of antisemitism; how antisemitism manifests across geopolitical discourse; the overlaps between anti-Zionism/anti-Israel sentiments and antisemitism; Holocaust distortion and misappropriation; and student experiences with antisemitism.

Key Mini-Course Questions

  1. How am I impacted by the presence of antisemitism?
  2. What does antisemitism look like now?
  3. Where is antisemitism showing up?
  4. What are the individual and collective impacts of antisemitism?
  5. What are practical classroom applications that address contemporary antisemitism?
  6. How can we help our students respond to antisemitism when they encounter it?

Mini-Course Schedule

Pre-work for participants who did not complete Brave Classrooms Part I:
  • Self-Guided Work for new participants: (approx. 90 minutes): February 17–February 23
Module 1:
  • Self-Guided Work (approx. 90 minutes): February 17–February 23
  • Live Session in Zoom (90 minutes): February 23, 7–8:30 PM ET (see in your time zone)
Module 2:
  • Self-Guided Work (approx. 90 minutes): February 24–March 2
  • Live Session in Zoom (90 minutes): March 2, 7–8:30 PM ET (see in your time zone)
Module 3:
  • Self-Guided Work (approx. 90 minutes): March 3–March 9
  • Live Session in Zoom (90 minutes): March 9, 7–8:30 PM ET (see in your time zone)
Module 4:
  • Self-Guided Work (approx. 90 minutes): March 10–March 16
  • Live Session in Zoom (90 minutes): March 16, 7–8:30 PM ET (see in your time zone)

Mini-Course At-a-Glance Details

Who should take this mini-course: 6th–12th grade world history, US history, humanities, and English language arts teachers, school leaders, and curriculum specialists. We invite educators from a variety of K-12 school settings including public, private, independent, and religious schools to apply. This course is NOT open to Higher Ed professionals.

Cost: Free. The registration and event fees for this online offering have been waived thanks to generous funding from Facing History and Ourselves donors and partner organizations.

Duration: 4 weeks. There is a new module each week. Each module includes online self-guided work and a weekly synchronous session in Zoom.

Time commitment: Approximately between 2–3 hours each week for 4 weeks.


Each week’s module will follow a similar structure: 

  • Approximately 90-minutes of online self-guided work to complete in preparation for each week’s live session (with an additional 90-minutes during the first module for participants who did not complete Part I). 
  • A 90-minute facilitated live session to include whole- and small-group activities.
  • Optional extension activities to be completed anytime during the week.

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