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A student with long dark hair wearing a hoodie smiles at their desk.

Welcome to Our New Website

Get to know the redesigned FacingHistory.org. Building community has never been easier. 

We’re excited!

Today, we are proud and excited to welcome you to a brand-new FacingHistory.org. 

For twenty years we’ve been pioneers in offering digital learning and resources for educators. And now, the reimagined FacingHistory.org introduces a fresh, vibrant layout and some exciting new features. And, of course, we’ve kept the high-quality resources you love while making them easier to find and use. If you already have an account with us your password will carry over and you can find your saved content in the “My Resource Library” space. We hope you will stay a while and explore!

You shared, and we listened.

Early on, we knew it was important to listen to our community. Teachers, school leaders, students and alumni, lifelong learners and advocates, partners and donors, Facing History supporters—everyone had important perspectives to share.

We spent several months gathering feedback and ideas. We listened to what was and wasn’t working about our existing digital experience.

Here’s some of what we heard.

We heard stories about how Facing History inspires people to teach and learn academically, ethically, emotionally, and civically. We gathered ideas for how we could create more opportunities for discovery and learning online.

  • There are more demands on teachers than ever before.
    Demands on educators continue to increase and change. They want better online resources that help students think analytically, act ethically, grow emotionally, and participate in civic life.
  • School leaders want to support educators and students.
    They want to improve school climate and provide access to high-quality professional learning and educator resources.
  • Parents and other advocates want to be life long learners.
    They want to support the learning students and teachers are doing in classrooms while staying up-to-date on cutting-edge research and perspectives. They want to promote democracy and support the next generation of aspiring civic leaders.
  • Being equitable, inclusive, and accessible is important.
    Our digital experience must respect everyone, and foster a strong community of belonging. 

Finding trustworthy, useful resources online can take a lot of time and effort. This evolution of FacingHistory.org will allow for broader reach and more meaningful engagement with everyone.

We learned a lot (and will keep learning). 

We took all of our learnings into consideration when developing the new FacingHistory.org.  All of our new features are meant to make our site easier to explore, make our content more accessible to more people, and invite more people in to the Facing History community.

  • A simple, intuitive, inclusive, and accessible navigation.
  • An improved search experience to help you find what you’re looking for faster.
  • Classroom resources that are easier to find, preview, use, save, and share — on our site or through Google Classroom and Drive.
  • Easy-to-explore event listings and streamlined event registration.
  • Streamlined log-in access across FacingHistory.org and our online learning platform, Canvas. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up is easy, using your email or social media accounts.
  • Impact stories, evaluation data, and expert testimonials, to help educators and other supporters advocate for and advance this work.
  • A new digital publication channel, Ideas This Week, which brings our Facing Today blog into the site and expands upon it with insights, impact stories, essays, and more. 
  • An expert support team, ready to hear from you and respond.

This is just the beginning.

From here, we’ll be continuing to improve and enhance the digital experience, beyond just the website. 

We’ll be focusing on:

  • Improving the professional learning experience for individual educators and entire schools, across our website and online learning platform.
  • Introducing new tools, teaching materials, and ways to interact with and integrate Facing History resources in the classroom.
  • Expanding our work online to invite more educators and students, alumni, lifelong learners, advocates, supporters, and others into our mission and work.

Share your ideas.

If you have any thoughts or questions about our improved site, or suggestions for the future — please share them with us! We’re excited to hear from you.

Thank you!

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support for Facing History. We are thrilled to introduce you to the first of many digital improvements to come.