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Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan Ideas

Use these media literacy and digital citizenship lesson plans to foster students’ digital literacy and spur healthy habits around media and technology use.

In honor of Media Literacy Week (October 23-27), we’ve compiled some of our best media literacy lesson plans and resources to help you grow your students’ digital literacy. You can draw on these lesson ideas in preparing students to both interpret media and participate in the conversation about it as digital citizens.  

Digital citizenship calls for us to engage online with kindness and care and be mindful of how we use technology. Getting students ready for digital citizenship means equipping them to responsibly and ethically utilize technology and to navigate digital discourse with discernment. Media literacy is foundational for not only digital citizenship, but citizenship in general.

Why Media Literacy Is So Important

The digital public square swirls together fact and fiction, playing into our biases and tugging at our emotions for attention. When even video footage of political leaders can be faked, and rhetorical noise crowds major social media platforms, it can be hard to know what to believe. 

Preparing students to sniff out misinformation and stay informed without sacrificing their mental health makes media literacy skills more important than ever.

Lesson Planning Resources

Our expert curriculum development team combined proven teaching strategies with subject matter knowledge to design these lesson plans and curricular resources.

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