New York Benefit Dinner

Thank you to the over 600 people who joined us on Thursday, October 19th for Facing History’s 2017 New York Benefit Dinner!

We honored four incredible upstanders, Jennifer and Peter Buffett and the NoVo Foundation (read the blog post about our important partnership); actress, playwright and activist Anna Deavere Smith; and Watchung Hills High School alumna, Engy Gadelmawla with 2017 Upstander awards.

As Holocaust survivor Esther Peterseil reminded us last night,

“It is up to all of us to see the signals, remember the history and fight against intolerance wherever you see it.”

Thanks to a $50,000 participation match from a generous donor, over 71% of the attendees made a gift, helping to raise $1.5 million to support teachers and students as they confront the past to change the future. Though we met our participation goal, there is still much work to be done. If you haven’t have a chance to make a gift, it’s not too late to participate. Your gift will help bring Facing History to more schools in the New York area and around the world.

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About the NoVo Foundation

The NoVo Foundation’s mission is to foster a transformation from a world of domination and exploitation to one of collaboration and partnership. Created in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, who serve as co-presidents and co-chairs of its board of directors, NoVo is committed to advancing adolescent girls’ rights, ending violence against girls and women, advancing social and emotional learning, promoting local living communities, and supporting Indigenous communities. Since 2012, the NoVo Foundation has partnered with Facing History and Ourselves to strengthen social and emotional skills among students by deepening knowledge, compassion, empathy and civic engagement.

About Anna Deavere Smith

Keynote speaker Anna Deavere Smith is an actress, playwright, teacher, and author. Looking at current events from multiple points of view, Smith's theater combines the journalistic technique of interviewing her subjects with the art of interpreting their words through performance. Her current play, Notes From The Field, looks at issues of education, inequality and incarceration. Facing History was Smith's educational partner for her one-woman play about the L.A. Riots, Twilight: Los Angeles, which was nominated for two Tony Awards. Smith co-stars in the upcoming ABC series For The People.

Date, Time, & Location

Stay tuned for more information on the 2018 New York Benefit Dinner!



Facing History and Ourselves extends special thanks to the corporations that provide leadership support to our programs in the New York area and worldwide.

The 2017 New York Benefit Dinner sponsors.

Our Work in New York

Each year, our network of over 11,000 middle and high school educators in the tri-state area reaches more than 690,000 students in nearly 1,500 schools. We provide educators with powerful curriculum, innovative professional development, and follow-up support on a range of topics including racism, antisemitism, bullying, immigration, and identity. As students explore the complexities of history and current events, they reflect on the choices they confront in their own lives. 

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