Coaching and Support

One of the reasons that Facing History teachers are so successful is because we don’t simply hand over materials and bid you well.

After participating in professional development, educators are paired one-on-one with a Program Associate whose mission is to help teachers further their professional development and job satisfaction by bringing our materials and methods to life in the classroom. They help you apply your professional development experience to develop course syllabi and lesson plans; suggest continuing education through webinars, workshops, and seminars; observe in the classroom and conduct coaching and follow-up support; assist and model for teachers how to integrate technology and social media; identify outstanding teachers for local and national teacher leadership groups; and much more.

Our Program Associates are teachers, too, and understand the value of having an advocate to support you at every step. To learn more about how Program Associates work with educators, watch the video below.

More questions about other benefits available to Facing History's educators? View information on becoming part of Facing History's Educator Network.

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