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Claude Steele describes the idea and effects of stereotype threat in our daily lives.

Facing History's unique video collection includes insights from top scholars, the voices and memories of witnesses to history, and inspiring stories from teachers and students who wrestle with the complex questions of history in today's classrooms.


38 in 6 - Celebrate Margot Stern Strom and the Future of Facing History
This video captures 38 years of Facing History and Ourselves in 6 minutes! It was originally produced for the ceremony that honored Margot Stern Strom at the November 15, 2014 celebration at the JFK Library in Boston.
Video Tribute to Nate Leipciger
Facing History and Ourselves students and educators speak about the impact of Holocaust survivor Nate Leipciger on their teaching and learning.
"Compassion and Integrity are 21st Century Skills": Principal Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro is the principal of Social Justice Humanitas Academy in San Fernando, California. He inspires others to become better teachers and explains how he uses lessons from the past to motivate his students to become “my brother’s keeper.”