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Claude Steele describes the idea and effects of stereotype threat in our daily lives.

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I Really Learned the Power that Language Has: Aung Khine M.
Aung Khine M., a student at Lowell (MA) High School and a refugee from Burma, explains in this excerpt from his remarks how his Facing History and Ourselves teacher Ms. Morgenstern and other upstanders have helped him learn the power of language and realize that he can give his voice to those who have none. Aung Khine spoke at the Facing History and Ourselves 2012 New England Benefit Dinner in Boston.
Identity and Ethical Life
Kwame Anthony Appiah, philosopher, reflects on what it means for one's life to be going well. Our identity shapes our ethical life, and each aspect of our identity carries particular responsibilities.
Immigration in Today's World
Scholars Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, John R. Bowen, and Sir Keith Ajegbo discuss different aspects of immigration in today’s society. Suárez-Orozco explains that immigration is a central piece in the story of human history, while Bowen describes how immigrants have different claims to rights than indigenous peoples. Ajegbo shares his observations on the importance of religion in the identities of immigrants.