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Claude Steele describes the idea and effects of stereotype threat in our daily lives.

Facing History's unique video collection includes insights from top scholars, the voices and memories of witnesses to history, and inspiring stories from teachers and students who wrestle with the complex questions of history in today's classrooms. While most of the videos in this collection were produced by Facing History, we have also licensed third party documentaries, selections from television series, and feature films. We make these videos available to stream on our website for memebers of our Educator Network. To view these videos, log in to your account and visit the Educator Network Video area. Learn more about Facing History professional development options and the benefits we provide for teachers in our Educator Network.


"Compassion and Integrity are 21st Century Skills": Principal Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro is the principal of Social Justice Humanitas Academy in San Fernando, California. He inspires others to become better teachers and explains how he uses lessons from the past to motivate his students to become “my brother’s keeper.”
"Empathy Has Driven Me": Emmett D. Carson
Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., is CEO and President of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. His life’s work personifies Facing History’s notion of an upstander, a person who chooses to take positive action in the face of injustice in society. Motivated by his own life experiences, he encourages others to develop empathy and find the courage to take action to remedy the injustice they see in society. Carson spoke at the Facing History and Ourselves 2013 San Francisco Bay Area benefit dinner, where he was honored for his leadership and devotion to social justice.
"Facing History Empowered Me": Geraldine Mande
In her journey from childhood in a camp war-torn Congo to enrollment at Brandeis University, Geraldine struggled to find her way. Encouraged by her Facing History and Ourselves teacher at Brookline (MA) High School, Geraldine wrote an essay comparing and contrasting her experiences in The Congo with the Holocaust experiences Elie Wiesel recounts in Night; the essay was one of 50 winners in Oprah Winfrey’s national essay contest. Facing History inspired her to share her story, and set her on a path to improve the lives of young people in the country of her birth.