Explore Facing History’s Educator Resources on Japanese American Incarceration

Facing History has a range of resources on Japanese and Japanese American incarceration (often referred to as "Japanese internment") during World War II that you can use to accompany the Smithsonian Museum's Righting a Wrong poster exhibition.

Bearing Witness to Japanese American Incarceration

How should we remember the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II? These lesson ideas probe the complex issues arising from the history of Japanese incarceration, enabling students to explore difficult questions about national identity, institutional racism, and the boundaries of US citizenship.

Aliens in Their Own Land: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans

This blog post provides background information on this important history.

And Then They Came for Us

Stream this documentary from Abby Ginzburg and Ken Schneider, which tells the history of Japanese American internment and also follows Japanese American activists speaking out against the Muslim registry and travel ban.

Teaching Farewell to Manzanar

Part of the Witnesses to History series, this study guide interweaves a literary analysis of Jeanne Wakatsuki’s memoir of her childhood in an internment camp with an exploration of the historical context surrounding her experience. You can also view this on-demand webinar to teaching the memoir, and members of Facing History’s educator network can borrow class sets of the book.

George Takei: Standing Up to Racism, Then and Now

In this on-demand recording from our Community Conversation series, actor and activist George Takei discusses his family’s wrongful incarceration during WWII, and the anti-Asian racism on the rise during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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