Teaching About Race in a Jewish Educational Setting

Teaching About Race in a Jewish Educational Setting

Teaching About Race in a Jewish Educational Setting

Conversations about race are becoming crucial in today’s world, and provide excellent opportunities to educate students, to foster civil discourse, and to encourage a more complex understanding of the current climate.  How can we prepare ourselves for these conversations in Jewish day school and supplementary school settings? How do we give our students the language and context to examine current conversations about race?

Facing History’s Jewish Education Program presents a series of three webinars to explore these questions. The webinars will invite educators, school leaders, and community members to examine the complex times in which we live and learn how educators can productively have conversations about race with their students.

These webinars will be facilitated by Dr. Eytan Apter.  Dr. Apter has been teaching social studies in middle and high school for over fifteen years, and currently teaches Facing History in his own classroom at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Washington, DC.  He received his PhD from Fordham University focusing on teaching controversial issues in the classroom.  


WEBINAR ONE - “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Challenges and Opportunities”

In this one hour webinar, we will acknowledge the challenges that come with teaching about race in a homogeneous environment but highlight the opportunities that arise from that unique classroom make-up. What role do students’ identities play in this complex conversation? We will explore different approaches to addressing controversial issues about race in the classroom with the goal of building an atmosphere that is safe, reflective and enriching.


WEBINAR TWO - “The Historical and the Contemporary”- The Power of Names

In this one hour webinar, we will explore interdisciplinary approaches for teaching about race that focus on historical and contemporary events.  We will examine the importance of names as they connect to identity.  Using a sample lesson from Facing History’s Teaching Reconstruction, teachers will experience classroom techniques for making relevant connections between Jewish values and current issues.  


WEBINAR THREE - “Education, Preparation & Reflection”

In this one hour webinar, we will learn specific strategies to create a classroom that embraces discussions about race.  Teachers will explore ways to better prepare the students and themselves for difficult conversations, with the aim of  instilling teacher comfort and confidence to navigate complex issues. We will conclude the webinar by identifying different Facing History resources, curriculum and pedagogical approaches that can help teachers explore issues of race in their own classrooms.  

This three part series will take place on

November 6, 2017 4:30pm

November 20, 2017 4:30pm

December 4, 2017 4:30pm

4:30 pm
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