Communal Memory, Communal Responsibility: Holocaust Education in a Post-Survivor Generation

August 8, 2022
Holocaust Education in a Post-Survivor Generation

Communal Memory, Communal Responsibility: Holocaust Education in a Post-Survivor Generation

This generation will likely be the last to hear the stories of Holocaust survivors directly from the survivors themselves. In this panel discussion, author Dr. Samantha Vinoker-Meinrath will join second generation survivor Dr. Rita Goldberg and Facing History staff as we explore the future of Holocaust education in light of this reality. In his 2018 book Witness, Dr. Ariel Burger writes that Professor Elie Wiesel was known to quote a Hasidic saying: “Forgetfulness leads to exile, memory to redemption.” What is the legacy of memory left for us by survivors and what does it mean to bear witness to those memories?  What lessons can we learn from their experiences in the Holocaust, and what tools do we have to ensure that those lessons are not lost?


Join our conversation as we unpack these questions and others, and grapple with the future of Holocaust education.


This event will be presented in person for Boston-area community members as well as streamed online for a wider audience.  The link will be shared via email prior to the live event. Event time posted is Eastern Standard Time.


Echoes of the Holocaust is a series presented by the Facing History Jewish Education program. It is a communal conversation focusing on the voices of contemporary scholars, writers, artists, and survivors as they reflect on the relationship between Holocaust history and the present.



Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath is the Senior Director of Knowledge, Ideas and Learning at the Jewish Education Project. A lifelong Jewish educator and learner, Samantha has worked in communities throughout the United States and Israel. She is an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and Gratz College. Samantha is a recognized expert on Jewish adolescents, antisemitism, identity development, and Israel engagement. She is the author of #antisemitism: Coming of Age During the Resurgence of Hate (2022), a deep dive into how Jewish Gen Z-ers are responding to the worldwide uptick in antisemitism. Samantha lives in Westchester, New York with her husband, son, and two beloved rescue dogs. 

Born in Basel in 1949, Dr. Rita Goldberg grew up mostly in the United States with two early years in Germany, where her father was a U.S. Army psychiatrist. She taught literature at Essex and Cambridge Universities in England for nearly ten years, went on to teach at MIT, and is now a lecturer in comparative literature at Harvard University. She and her husband have two sons and two grandsons and live near Boston, Massachusetts. Goldberg is the author of Motherland: Growing Up with the Holocaust (The New Press).

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah
35 Morseland Ave.
02459 Newton, MA
August 8, 2022
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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