8th Grade Exploratory Workshop

July 11, 2019
8th Grade Exploratory Workshop

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8th Grade Exploratory Workshop

How do the choices people made in the past impact the present? How might the choices people make today impact tomorrow? What can we do with others and on our own to confront racism and discrimination? What power do young people have to chart their own course in life, shape their communities, and change the world?

This workshop will provide an instructional pathway for 8th grade educators to teach an 18-week Facing History course exploring questions of identity, membership and belonging, and the power of their individual and collective choices. The Exploratory Course content for the 8th grade is based on the Facing History units Choices In Little Rock and My Part of the Story and includes materials to support Warriors Don't Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High and Enrique's Journey.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore issues of membership and belonging by briefly tracing the history of segregation in the United States and its social, legal, and political consequences

  • Examine a case study of the efforts to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in the late 1950s

  • Engage with classroom-ready multimedia resources and learn how to build a customized unit

  • Discover new teaching strategies that help students interrogate text, think critically, and discuss controversial issues respectfully

  • Receive a free copy of the Course Outline for the Memphis Exploratory Guide: Grade 8

After this workshop, you will:

  • Receive coaching and support as you implement this in your classroom

  • Become part of the Facing History Educator Network, with access to educator resources, including unit and lesson plans, study guides, and books & DVDs accessible through our free online lending library

This workshop is funded through the generosity of Plough Family Foundation

Facing History and Ourselves
115 Huling Ave
Memphis, TN
July 11, 2019
8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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