Community Matters: Facing History’s Approach to Advisory

Community Matters: Facing History’s Approach to Advisory

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Community Matters: Facing History’s Approach to Advisory

Adolescence is a time when two tasks take on special importance: determining our own, individual identity and figuring out where and how we belong. These themes of identity, membership, belonging, and participation are the cornerstones of Facing History’s new advisory curriculum, Community Matters.  


Our curriculum is designed to help you build student-centered spaces where honest questioning, discussion, and social and academic growth can occur. Participating students build understanding and empathy, break down stereotypes, find and build their voices, and develop the skills necessary for academic and community success.


Community Matters supports and challenges young people who are beginning to see themselves as unique individuals with a desire to belong.


In this workshop for middle and high school educators, you will:

  • Help define your school’s vision of advisory programmatically — What is its function or purpose, and what does or will it look like in practice?
  • Become familiar with Facing History’s new advisory materials and teaching methodology for a student-centered classroom
  • Consider how advisory helps to build community within the classroom setting and school at large

After this workshop, you will:

  • Become part of the Facing History educator network, with access to a rich slate of educator resources, including unit and lesson plans, study guides, and multimedia
  • Be able to borrow books and DVDs through our online lending library at no cost
Arise High School
3301 E 12th St # 205
Oakland, CA 94601
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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