Navigating Current Events in Your Classroom

September 7, 2019
Navigating Current Events

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Navigating Current Events in Your Classroom

Teaching current events can be challenging: The news cycle moves quickly, stories are complex, and the issues can spark strong emotions. How can we prepare students to have reflective and respectful discussion of current events, especially those that may be controversial or divisive for some? 


Exploring current events asks us to do more than help students know what is going on  It also means developing students' capacity to be aware of bias and injustice, to make meaningful connections to their own communities and relationships, and to begin to feel their own agency and voice regarding the issues affecting the society they live in. 


In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore content, pedagogy, and resources for addressing how to prepare students to actively engage with the world outside—and inside—our school walls
  • Engage with teaching strategies that support reflective classroom communities, honor diversive identities, and help students interrogate text and think critically
  • Practice strategies to navigate heightened emotions and a range of perspectives in diverse settings
  • Gather documents and multimedia resources to help students connect history to the present, understand the challenges democracies around the world are facing, and look at ways individuals can strengthen democracy


After this workshop, you will: 

  • Become part of the Facing History educator network, with access to a rich slate of educator resources, including unit and lesson plans, study guides, and multimedia
  • Be able to borrow books and DVDs through our online lending library at no cost

Recommended for middle or high school ELA, history, social studies, or humanities educators as well as advisors. 

Downtown Los Angeles Area
September 7, 2019
8:00 am - 3:30 pm

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