Exploring Migration Through Education and Empathy

Exploring Migration Through Education and Empathy

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Exploring Migration Through Education and Empathy

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Young Citizens and Facing History and Ourselves have teamed up to bring you an event which will explore how you can look at the topic of migration with students of all ages. We are delighted to have the education team from the Migration Museum providing the keynote address.

The UK is the fifth most popular country in the world to migrate to; meanwhile the media continues to publish ‘immigration crisis’ headlines that sensationalise current views and debates about migration. How can students better understand the reasons behind migration, the experiences of migrants in this country and the impact they have?  

This conference will help you to:

  • Recognise and embrace the rich diversity migrants bring, and have brought throughout history, to the UK and consider how this history can be taught throughout the school curriculum;
  • Encourage your students to be welcoming to people of all different faiths and nationalities, to develop their empathy and critical thinking skills, and foster mutual respect;
  • Gain practical ideas, teaching materials, resources and inspiration to explore issues around migration confidently in the classroom;
  • Meet other like-minded educators who want to find new ways to address this important topic in their classes.
Friends Meeting House
Euston Road
9:45 am - 3:15 pm

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