Voting: Democracy in Action

Voting: Democracy in Action

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Voting: Democracy in Action

By exploring the choices made by individuals and groups from the Reconstruction Era, to Women's Suffrage, to the voting rights drive of Freedom Summer in 1964, we will learn why many Americans, both black and white, risked their lives to protest voter discrimination.

In this one-day workshop, we will:

  • Explore the history of voting rights in the United States and strategies to increase voter engagement and access in our community today
  • Develop an understanding of the power and importance of voting as a form of nonviolent political participation
  • Help educators develop skills to ¬†facilitate complex topics incorporating different perspectives from their own

After this one-day workshop, teachers will be able to motivate their students to be civically engaged and active through participation in school and local, state, and national initiatives.


Facing History and Ourselves
115 Huling Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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