The Armenian Genocide and International Justice

The Armenian Genocide and International Justice


The Armenian Genocide and International Justice

What is the responsibility of the international community when mass murder and genocide occurs? 2015 marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, but its legacy lives on. We will examine the events leading up to the systematic murder of over one million Armenians, and the role of justice and judgment in the aftermath of such atrocity.

Recommended for teachers of World History, US History, Government, and Humanities.

In this seminar you will:


  • Discover new interdisciplinary teaching strategies that reinforce historical and literacy skills aligned with Common Core and the newly-adopted History Framework

  • Explore topics in global education that help students become informed citizens such as: racism, prejudice, international justice, international human rights, journalism in the digital age, civic participation

  • Receive a free copy of Crimes Against Humanity and Civilization: The Genocide of the Armenians


After this seminar you will:


  • Become part of the Facing History educator network, with access to a rich slate of educator resources, including downloadable unit and lesson plans, study guides, and multimedia

  • Be able to borrow books and DVDs through our online lending library at no cost

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San Diego County Office Of Education
6401 Linda Vista Rd
Room 306
San Diego, CA 92111
United States
2.22.18 - 2.23.18
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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