Teaching Black History: A Universal Human History with Director Lonnie G. Bunch

Teaching Black History: A Conversation with Lonnie Bunch

Teaching Black History: A Universal Human History with Director Lonnie G. Bunch

The Black Cultural Archives, Facing History & Ourselves and UCL Culture invite you to join us for an evening in conversation with Lonnie G. Bunch, Director of the Smithsonian National African American Museum of Culture and History, and Honorary Senior Fellow at UCL, to celebrate Black History Month.

The narrative of the African-American struggle for freedom, liberation and belonging represents a universal human history and aspiration for justice. How does this struggle read in the context of the Black experience in the UK? What are the challenges in documenting and memorialising the histories of that experience in a cultural institution? How should we develop approaches to teaching “Black History" so that it becomes integrated into our curriculums? How can we weave them into broader human histories of liberation and affirming human dignity?

In conversation, Dr Bunch will reflect on his and the team’s efforts to interpret these human histories in the context of a new museum and the challenge of encouraging the citizens of a multiracial and multicultural democracy to come see, experience and reflect on this living legacy.


Together we will explore what learning we may draw on in the UK today in our ongoing struggle to build a democracy based on shared values, human dignity, civility, inclusion and respect for all.


Attendance is free, but please register to book your place. We look forward to seeing you there.


University College London
Cruciform Building, B304 – LT1
United Kingdom
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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