Upstander Celebration 2021

Celebrating Students, Teachers, and Community Members making a difference in L.A. schools!

Facing History and Ourselves is proud to recognize the effort and action of the following Upstanders in communities across Los Angeles. We share their stories as inspiration for us all.


Meet the 2021 Upstanders

We’re Facing History and Ourselves. An organization created in 1976 by educators who believed that instilling intellectual vigor and curiosity goes hand-in-hand with teaching facts and figures. We approach the future knowing that our work is both our hope and our legacy. 

Each year, we invite our Los Angeles Partnership Schools to nominate an individual or group that has demonstrated the qualities of an Upstander in their school community. 

Explore the Different Types of Upstanders

Diverse group of students in a huddle.


Students Through personal efforts to improve school communities and address the needs of individuals and groups off-campus, these Upstanders serve as role models for how to exercise their voice and agency.


Students from a student club.


Student Groups Working collectively for change, these groups have shaped their school culture, raised the visibility of critical community issues, and taken action for social justice.


Teachers at a professional development training.


Adults in the Community We honor all educators and parents whom were recognized by their school communities for going above and beyond their classroom responsibilities to inspire students and shape school culture with their actions.


Teachers at a professional development training.


Support Groups School communities are also strengthened by groups of adults working together to support and strengthen student experience. These Upstander groups have provided critical support in our current time.


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What is an Upstander?

/ʌpstandə/    noun
A person who speaks or acts in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person being attacked or bullied.


Did you know two students helped get the word "Upstander" in the dictionary? They studied the importance of speaking up and making positive change, and were surprised that the term -- coined by diplomat Samantha Power and popularized by Facing History and Ourselves -- wasn't already recognized. So they worked, as Upstanders do, to find a solution.  

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About the Los Angeles Partnership Schools Network

Facing History's mission is to promote young people's development to become humane, informed and engaged citizens. This work takes its deepest form at schools in the Partnership Schools Network, where students take several Facing History courses during their middle or high school years. As part of this network, schools embrace Facing History's core themes as foundational to their schools' mission and weave Facing History content and teaching strategies throughout the school: in classes, advisory groups, faculty meetings, and school community activities.

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