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Facing History and Ourselves is a global educational organization that reaches millions of students worldwide every year. Using the lessons of history — and history in the making — Facing History equips teachers to provide students with the skills to think critically and wrestle with difficult issues. Our rigorous curriculum sparks their desire to look beyond themselves and participate in the broader world. We are creating future generations of engaged, informed, and responsible decision makers who when faced with injustice, misinformation, and bigotry, will stand up for justice, truth, and equality. Facing History transforms required lessons in history into inspired lessons in humanity, and empowers youth who will change the world for the better.

Our Impact

Third-party researchers from universities and independent research firms have rigorously documented the program’s effectiveness since its inception in 1976.

  • 99% of teachers surveyed would recommend Facing History professional development to their colleagues.
  • Facing History students are 94% more likely than other students to report that their class motivated them to learn.
  • 92% of Facing History teachers agree that Facing History helps their students stand up for what they believe even when others disagree.

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