Videos for Teaching Mockingbird

Facing History's unique video collection includes insights from top scholars, the voices and memories of witnesses to history, and inspiring stories from teachers and students who wrestle with the complex questions of history in today's classrooms. The videos selected below provide historical background and thematic insights that will be useful for teaching To Kill a Mockingbird.

Also be sure to check out activities for Mockingbird that use these resources.

Understanding Jim Crow (Setting the Setting)

David Cunningham, chair of the Department of Sociology at Brandeis University, explores systems of racial separation and institutionalized segregation known as Jim Crow.

The Origins of Lynching Culture in the United States

Paula Giddings, professor of Afro-American Studies at Smith College, discusses the history and origins of lynching.

Custom and Conscience: Margot Stern Strom reflects on growing up in Memphis, TN in the 1950s

Margot Stern Strom, the founder and President Emerita of Facing History and Ourselves, describes growing up in Jim Crow-era Memphis.

How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do

Claude Steele describes the idea and effects of stereotype threat in our daily lives.

Hey, Boo: Considering the Character of Scout

Novelists, as well as the actress Mary Badham, who played To Kill a Mockingbird's narrator, Scout, reflect on this character and the ways in which she addresses issues of gender, race relations, and growing up in the South.


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