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Owing the world not apology, but contribution

Join us to hear Ben Bourne Flosman’s messages celebrating students' uniqueness and his recent experience fighting for disability rights.

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About this event:

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This professional learning event will be led by Facing History staff. When you register, you will receive instructions for how to attend the event.

Civics & Citizenship English & Language Arts Social Studies
Human & Civil Rights
Equity Education

Key Points

  1. This webinar is intended as an in-class presentation for students and educators

  2. Hear how university student found his voice, gained tools and media savvy to fight for his rights

  3. Engage students in an uplifting message that honours diversity, difference and the power we have to address the injustices we encounter

“Even today, I find myself uncomfortable in situations where I need to advocate for my rights or for help I need. I feel as though I’m inconveniencing the world around me. But as I reflect, I realize I shouldn’t apologize to a world which unapologetically restricts my opportunities from the second I wake to the moment my head lays upon the pillow. I’ve realized that speaking up, and often feeling uncomfortable doing so, does not inconvenience the world. Rather, my voice has the power to benefit those around me.” 
- Ben Bourne Flosman 

We invite you and your students to a free webinar and Q&A session with Ben Bourne Flosman where you will hear him share his message celebrating students' uniquenesses and capacities to create positive change. Learn about Ben's fight for disability rights at a Canadian university in 2020, and the courage, tenacity and teamwork that led to his win. Ben will share his experiences in finding the power to push against injustice around him in hopes that educators and students will be equipped with ideas on how to be Upstanders and make life more inclusive and accessible.

Ben is currently studying political science at Carleton University. He loves to play the drums and write. Ben hopes to one day work in politics to influence positive change, and to serve those around him. Read more about Ben’s messages to students and his fight for disability rights.

This event is open to educators, students and community members. We hope you will join with your classes. This event will be recorded.


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Ben Bourne Flosman

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