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Current Event

One Teacher Speaks to the Power of Our Current Events Collection

Current events come along fast—Facing History gives educators what they need when they need it to reflect on world events with care.

Our wide range of educator resources includes a wealth of highly adaptable materials, with a particular focus for use in history and English Language Arts (ELA) classes.

One of Facing History’s most popular resource sets is our Current Events Collection. When breaking news or major events happen, teachers often have little to no time to prepare to have meaningful discussions with students or adapt their lesson plans to integrate breaking news.

Hear from longtime Facing History educator Bridget Riley.

Hear from longtime Facing History educator Bridget Riley.

Teachers like Bridget turn to Facing History for support when discussing current events with students. 

This collection provides timely pieces that are safe and trustworthy. From explainers to mini-lessons, we offer multiple ways to guide students toward a deeper understanding of current events with data-rich, nonpartisan content.

Complex moments in history aren’t just found in a bygone era—they’re happening every day. Facing History’s Current Events Team brings context to real-time and contemporary issues, connecting modern times to historical lessons.

Explore Facing History’s Current Events Collection, including headline reflections in our In The News Now section. 

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