An Exciting Summer of Learning | Facing History & Ourselves
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An Exciting Summer of Learning

Explore our array of summer professional development opportunities to help you prepare for an impactful school year ahead.

Summer break is right around the corner! As you prepare for your time away from the classroom, we encourage you to include joining Facing History & Ourselves’s summer professional development offerings in your plans. Our team has created an array of learning opportunities to help you make the most of your time and invest in your professional growth. 

Whether you’re spending your summer road-tripping, jet-setting, or staying close to home, you’ll find a session that meets your needs, including self-paced and live learning experiences. You’ll come away from all of our sessions with:

  • Access to innovative teaching strategies and tools that will prepare you to respond to the unique and ever-changing challenges students are facing; 
  • New connections with educators who share your commitment to building safe, inclusive classrooms for all students to thrive.

At the heart of our summer programming you’ll find three of our industry-leading virtual seminars:

Teaching for Equity & Justice: June 27 – June 29, 2023

Develop a deeper understanding of the legacy of educational inequity in the US and gain the tools necessary to mitigate these barriers to equity.

“Rarely do I have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and culturally sustaining experiences. Participating in this session provided me with the opportunity to be liberated, to be fully immersed and to be meaningfully responsive to other colleagues. I am a changed person. Thank you for your guidance and for the humanizing experience.”
-Teaching for Equity and Justice Participant

Teaching Holocaust & Human Behavior: July 17 – July 20, 2023

Discover new strategies for teaching the Holocaust that foster civic engagement, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, and empathy.

“I came in feeling confident in my understanding of the Holocaust, but I learned an incredible amount of additional historical and pedagogical detail. I understand much more about the various historical phases that need to be taught, and have a much better sense of how to make the best use of Facing History’s fantastic resources.”
- Teaching Holocaust and Human Behavior Participant

A New Approach to Teaching Reconstruction: July 25 – July 27, 2023

Learn how to teach the Reconstruction era in a way that connects this history to student’s own lives and the choices they make today. 

“This course has broadened my mind about the Reconstruction era in a way that I have not previously experienced. The wealth of resources that were made available and the variety of strategies used truly enhanced my learning. Going forward, I am much better equipped to teach about the era.”
-Teaching Reconstruction Participant

Explore the complete list of our summer professional learning opportunities including workshops, webinars, and courses on history, ELA, justice, equity and more.