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An Exciting Summer of Learning

Explore our array of summer professional development opportunities to help you prepare for an impactful school year ahead.

Summer break is right around the corner! As you prepare for your time away from the classroom, we encourage you to include joining Facing History & Ourselves’ summer professional development offerings in your plans. Our team has created an array of learning opportunities to help you make the most of your time and invest in your professional growth. 

Whether you’re spending your summer road-tripping, jet-setting, or staying close to home, you’ll find a session that meets your needs, including self-paced and live learning experiences. You’ll come away from all of our sessions with:

  • Access to innovative teaching strategies and tools that will prepare you to respond to the unique and ever-changing challenges students are facing; 
  • New connections with educators who share your commitment to building safe, inclusive classrooms for all students to thrive.

Explore all of our summer professional development opportunities by topic.

Social Studies

Sign up for our summer professional development events for social studies teachers. Discover new teaching methods, learn about identity, history, and fairness, and network with other history and social studies educators.

Gain deeper understanding of the legacy of educational inequity in the US and get tools to help you adopt more equitable teaching practices.

Discover new strategies for teaching the Holocaust that foster civic engagement, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, and empathy.

Join us for an exploration of our new collection of US History resources that develop historical inquiry skills and emphasizes students’ capacity for civic agency.

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English Language Arts

Join us for our ELA professional development opportunities this summer! Learn new teaching methods, examine familiar texts in new ways, prepare to invite your students to explore big questions about themselves and others through literature, and connect with other ELA teachers.

Explore hands-on strategies to teach coming-of-age books and literature, centering students’ identities and lived experiences as young adults.

This course introduces educators to Teaching Mockingbird, which incorporates civic education into an exploration of Harper Lee's novel.

Join us as we share our newest collection for ELA educators that highlights stories and counter-narratives that explore the complicated world of belonging.

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School and District Leaders

We invite school and district leaders to explore summer professional development opportunities tailored to the unique needs of leaders in education. This PD is designed to help you improve academic outcomes and facilitate measurably transformational learning experiences at school and district levels. You'll also learn strategies and connect with resources that nurture a more inclusive and just learning environment while promoting diversity and community within your school.

Join our summer institute for leaders and administrators to discover how to create caring, inclusive school communities, drive better outcomes for students, and connect with other leaders.

Learn how Facing History can help you create transformational change in your school’s approach to teaching, learning, and working together.

Learn how Facing History can help you create transformational change in your school’s approach to teaching, learning, and working together.

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