Donor Spotlight: Einhorn Collaborative | Facing History & Ourselves
Boy at desk studying with Einhorn Collaborative Logo above

Donor Spotlight: Einhorn Collaborative

Since 2008 the Einhorn Collaborative has partnered with Facing History to create meaningful education opportunities.

Einhorn Collaborative, a nonprofit foundation working to foster a culture of social connection and cohesion in America, began supporting Facing History & Ourselves in 2008 and has been a strong advocate for our work ever since. 

Over the last decade, the foundation helped Facing History deepen and grow our curriculum and teacher training models to reach tens of thousands more teachers, as well as entire schools and districts. Our organizations share a worldview and set of beliefs and values that put relationships, empathy, and trust at the heart of how we solve our nation’s biggest challenges.

Currently, the foundation supports our new Next Generation Civics model, an approach that connects individual and group identity to the study of history and current events, media literacy, and youth civic action. Executive Director Jenn Hoos Rothberg believes this model has the power to help students build relationships across lines of difference, and positively contribute to their communities.

“We’re in a moment right now where we need to give students opportunities and experiences that help them become educated, empathetic, and engaged citizens. And that means being able to take all the complexity of the moment and help them hold the larger story of who we are and who we are meant to be so we can navigate our most challenging times as a country more positively together.”

Facing History’s civic education curriculum supports middle and high school students in developing a profound understanding of their personal civic responsibility and in forging a commitment to the common good, both essential to the health of our democracy. “It’s so easy to partner with Facing History because the work is comprehensive and creative and thoughtful,” said Rothberg. “You take huge concepts like critical thinking, moral reasoning, and ethical self-reflection, and use them to help students figure out: what is my role and how do I contribute? You are taking the civic education work that you have done historically and brilliantly, and bringing it into the context of what we need today.”