Meeting Common Core Standards

Facing History offers a wide array of educational resources, primary source collections, and professional development opportunities that help teachers meet the Common Core State Standards. Our resources emphasize close reading of challenging texts, and the development of critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills. We also offer professional development that has been proven to enhance teacher effectiveness and students’ academic development.

We have been working with districts across the country to support them as they roll out the Common Core. For example, Facing History has a long-standing partnership with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) through which we have developed units for the district’s civics and history curriculum in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11, reaching over 12,000 students each year. These units explore topics including Reconstruction, the civil rights movement, and the Holocaust.

Facing History recently developed companion resources for the BPS units that support teaching argumentative writing in alignment with the Common Core State Standards. Teachers have reported great results with the new resources. One teacher wrote, “Students are more thoughtful during the writing process. . . Students rarely think of this like a typical essay assignment, and their best writing comes through as a result.” 

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