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A person stands with a sign that reads "No Tolerance for Anti-Semitism."

Antisemitism Resource Collection

Learn about how to identify and stand up to antisemitism today in your classroom and your community. 




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Combating Antisemitism in the Twenty-First Century

Antisemitism is anti-Jewish prejudice, discrimination, hatred, hostility, violence, or oppression. (See our antisemitism explainer for a more detailed explanation of what antisemitism is and how it affects individuals and communities.)

Grounded in Facing History’s student-centered pedagogical approach, these resources will help educators establish a brave, inclusive, and reflective classroom community as they explore this challenging topic. The resources below are organized thematically and will lead you to lesson plans, teaching strategies, videos, and webinars based on what you want to learn and what you want to introduce to your students.

How Our Resources Empower Students and Educators to Stand Up to Antisemitism

Our resources help educators:

  1. Recognize and confront antisemitic bias and hate in their communities
  2. Make connections between traditional and contemporary antisemitism
  3. Examine the shifting representations of antisemitism
  4. Consider how placing blame on a single population, “the Jews,” offers simple and inaccurate solutions to complex societal problems

Establish a brave, inclusive, and reflective classroom community so that you can engage your students in respectful and constructive discourse about challenging topics.

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