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Sorry We Missed You Trailer

In this trailer for the film Sorry We Missed You, director Ken Loach highlights the devastating impacts of the gig economy.

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Sorry We Missed You Trailer


You name it, I've done it-- concreting, plumbing.

Is that you two?

I've done it all.

So why'd you give it up?

He's just gone from job to job.

There's always someone on your back, in't there?

Come on, we've got time to make up. Let's go.

I'd rather work on me own now, and be me own boss.

Let's just get a few things straight at the start though, shall we?

Hi, Rosie.

Wake up. Dad'll go mental if you miss school again.

Now, if you don't move, then you're going to get a ticket.

Oh, Rosie!

Ffff Youre having a laugh.

You don't work for us. You work with us.

Zero hour contract, I get paid for the visits.

Keep this happy.

Scan it, scan it!

Did it. [BEEP]

Ah, yes!

They track every parcel, don't they, to the front door and the back door. Even if you put one in the garden shed, they know where it lands.


Fucking hell! There's a dog down there with massive teeth. I think it's took a chunk out of me ass.

This decides who lives and who dies.


You were snoring.

Mm, it wasn't me. It was your mum.

It says it's for Mr. Campbell.

I'd rather not. He keeps on parking in me parking space.

I don't get paid till they get delivered.

It's my night with my family, so no. I'm not doing it.

I'm just having some problems with my teenage son. Have you been on the train tracks and the roofs?

This is two days in a row.

You just wanna cool down.

This is another 100 pound fine and a sanction.

Otherwise, youre just going to end up like--

What -- like you?

I never thought it'd be this difficult.

I just want things to go back to normal.

You do more for me than you'll ever know.

You've got the best thing in life here. You've got a family that care about you.


How does your company get away with this? This is my family.

Thanks for the great day.

And I'm telling you now, nobody messes with my family.

Master of your own destiny, Ricky. You up for that?


This is where it's at. Vindaloo. You've gotta be hard to take this stuff. Do you know what I mean, son?

Alright, Dad.

Fucking hell.




Sorry We Missed You Trailer

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