Bernard Lichtenberg (1875-1943)

Bernard Lichtenberg was a Catholic priest who worked with the poor in Berlin in the 1920’s. He recognized the danger of the Nazi movement, which he considered immoral and unchristian. Father Lichtenberg’s battle against the Nazis from his base at St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in the late 1920's earned him the hatred of Joseph Goebbels who was the party leader in Berlin at that time. Lichtenberg was one of the few clergy to speak out on behalf of the Jews and to keep doing so in the face of constant warnings from the Nazis. Called "that gutter priest from Berlin" by the SS second in command, Reinhard Heydrich, Lichtenberg was arrested by the Nazis in 1941 and died in 1942 while being transferred to the Dachau concentration camp.

A portrait of Bernard Lichtenberg.

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