Faith in Chaos

"I first visited Sierra Leone one year after the peace agreement was signed. . . . I connected with the kids who were the most affected by the war but who had emerged as the strongest: young people, amputated and blinded, bouncing back to demand the chances that were stolen from them. . . . I returned three times, each for months on end, to document the struggle of these youngsters. It’s a story that sheds light on a side of Sierra Leone (and of Africa) that we don’t often get to see—of stamina, pride, and self-confidence. Victims of war and poverty? Yes. But their determination humbles us all."

- Pep Bonet

"This work is committed to ‘hearing’ through images and words what Africa has to say to the world, to encourage the kind of cultural understanding that is imperative if the West is to play a meaningful role in peace-building in Africa."

- Sara Terry

What story do these images tell? Reflect upon this question and many others with your students in our Lesson Plan.

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