Voices from the Students

Voices from the Students

Zahrae, El-Hazimy, 18

El-Hazimy lives in New Haven and moved to the United States from Morocco at age seven. “New Haven Academy was my first choice,” she said. “I really liked that the teachers pay individual attention to each student.” Zahrae was attracted to the school by the college prep track and by the opportunity to do a Social Action Project. As a senior this year, she is doing hers on hunger and poverty worldwide. “I want to make a difference in the lives of kids everywhere who don’t have access to the same resources we have,” she said.

Joshua Sanchez, 17

Sanchez also lives in New Haven. He hopes to attend college next year and study electrical or computer engineering, a plan he finalized after his junior year internship with New Haven’s department of engineering. “This school is really supportive that you go to college, but it is also good because they realize that not everybody is fit for college, so they’ll help support you with that and find alternatives.”

Samantha Rosenbaum, 17

“I feel like a lot of people think globally, but there’s a lot going on locally,” said Rosenbaum, who lives in Derby, Connecticut. For her Senior Action Project, Rosenbaum, who wants to become a cake decorator and own her own bakery one day, combined her love of food and her interest in social activism. She worked at a local food shelter and then organized a food drive at school. “I think you need to start locally and do little things,” she said. “Those add up globally.”

Kelli Gibson, 17

When she reflects on her New Haven Academy experience, senior class president Gibson said that Holocaust and Human Behavior was her favorite course. It opened her eyes to the world around in her new ways and spurred her to participate in her school community. “I never learned about the Holocaust in all of my years in school until I came here,” she said. “This stuff is really happening and some people don’t even know. It made me want to get involved with student government and be an upstander in my community.”

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