All Community Read: Judy Heumann’s Being Heumann and Rolling Warrior

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Last Modified April 20, 2023
Description Being Heumann and Rolling Warrior explore many themes important to Facing History & Ourselves. These are a sampling of resources that support teachers who want to elaborate on these themes as part of your curriculum.

Whole School-Read Planning Guide: Coming of Age in a Complex World

This planning guide will help you design and implement a Coming of Age Whole-School Read that centers students’ voices and experiences.

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What Do We Do with a Difference?

A poem by James Berry invites us to question the ways we as individuals and societies react to difference.

The translation of this sign in this children's book illustration is, “Jews are not welcome here.”

"Unworthy to Live"

Learn about the Nazis’ medical killing program that was responsible for the murder of mentally and physically disabled people during World War II.

An exhibit at a Berlin school persuades Germans to help colonize the Warthegau area of Poland. The exhibit says “The land calls you!,” and the painting shows a settler’s car passing by a Polish border sign that has been knocked down.

Protesting Medical Killing

Explore the stories of three German ministers who chose to speak out against the Nazis’ "euthanasia" program.

After Germany conquered the Warthegau region of Poland, members of the League of German Girls moved there to help colonize and spread German culture.

From Reflection to Action: A Choosing to Participate Toolkit

This guide contains a flexible collection of activities, readings, lessons, and strategies designed to help you develop a meaningful civic education experience in your classroom.

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10 Questions for Young Changemakers

This unit uses the 10 Questions Framework to explore two examples of youth activism: the 1963 Chicago schools boycott and the present-day movement against gun violence launched by Parkland students.

Facing History and Ourselves Bullying Summit September 29th 2012 in Los Angeles CA

Reflection and Action for Civic Participation

Students consider the importance of young people in democracy and analyze stories of civic participation using a ten-question framework.

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Nazi Eugenics Exhibition Poster

This poster from a eugenics exhibition in the 1930s reads, “Sterilization is Liberation, Not a Punishment.” Three handicapped children are also pictured with the caption, “Who would want to be responsible for this?”

 Poster depicting three handicapped children and German text along the top.
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