The Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project equips Americans to reach across political, cultural and economic divides to have arguments that bring us closer together instead of driving us further apart. As a partnership between Facing History and Ourselves, the Aspen Institute's Program on Citizenship and American Identity, and The Allstate Corporation, the project centers on the simple idea that America doesn’t need fewer arguments, it needs better arguments.

Are You Ready for a Better Argument?

Facing History believes that better arguments are ones informed by historical, cultural, and civic awareness. Educators have an essential role to play in creating a space where better arguments can shine, where students give—and get—constructive feedback without fear or intimidation.

5 Features of Better Arguments

Get tips for how to bridge the divide and have more constructive arguments.

Fostering Civil Discourse

Our Fostering Civil Discourse Guide provides educators with strategies most effective in helping students practice constructive civil discourse. Download it today. 

Aspen Ideas Festival Deep Dive

Watch this session from the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival to gain perspective on the roots and contemporary manifestations of tension in American democracy.

Read the Better Arguments Report

In 2017, the Better Arguments Team traveled around the country to meet with more than 50 advisors, ranging widely in age, background, expertise, and perspective. With these advisors, we addressed the fundamental question: What is a Better Argument?

Forming Better Arguments Requires Facing Our History

Facing History's president and CEO Roger Brooks shares his perspective on how we can learn to #ArgueBetter.

Learn About Our Partnership with the Urban Consulate

The Better Arguments Project is partnering with the Urban Consulate to host a pilot event in Detroit, Michigan to address tensions between longtime Detroiters and newcomers as the city adapts to a time of rapid change and growth.

The Better Arguments Project is a collaboration between Facing History and Ourselves, the Aspen Institute's Program on Citizenship and American Identity, and The Allstate Corporation.
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