The Better Arguments Project

The Better Arguments Project equips Americans to reach across political, cultural and economic divides to have arguments that bring us closer together instead of driving us further apart. As a partnership between Facing History and Ourselves, the Aspen Institute's Program on Citizenship and American Identity, and The Allstate Corporation, the project centers on the simple idea that America doesn’t need fewer arguments, it needs better arguments.

Community Partners Coming Soon!

Over the next year, we will pilot the Better Arguments Project in partnership with select communities around the country. We put out an open call for community partners to get involved in our project at its inception by nominating their community to be part of our Better Arguments pilot series. We will announce our three pilot partners soon.


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In 2017, the Better Arguments Team traveled around the country to meet with more than 50 advisors, ranging widely in age, background, expertise, and perspective. With these advisors, we addressed the fundamental question: What is a Better Argument?

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The Better Arguments Project will be organizing a national series of town hall meetings to encourage Americans to engage each other in better, more productive debates about core American ideals.

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"Americans don't need reconciliation—they need to get better at arguing. A rush to reunion can entrench injustice. Instead of papering over differences, Americans need to be smarter about engaging them." Learn more in the Atlantic.

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