Teaching Wonder

Wonder is a novel that explores friendship, belonging, standing up to injustice, and learning to understand individuals who may be different from us—all with the possibility of viewing events from multiple perspectives. Wonder allows us to grow our capacity for empathy and ask questions about the choices we make in relation to others.

Facing History designed this planning guide for schools that want to assign Wonder as a whole-school or whole-grade read. For more information about the middle school curriculum accompanying the book, check out the myFace Wonder Project.

Wonder: A Whole-School Read Planning Guide

Wonder: A Whole-School Read Planning Guide

Get tips for planning your whole-school read of the young adult novel Wonder. This guide provides direction on how to structure classroom discussions and includes pre- and post-reading activities. It also features a "write your own precept" template for use in a final school-wide activity. 


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If you're part of Facing History's Educator Network, you can borrow a free class set of Wonder (subject to availability). Not sure if you are eligible? Please contact the library at [email protected]


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August was born with a facial deformity and has been homeschooled―until now. Entering fifth grade, he must navigate being the “new kid” in a mainstream school.

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